TimesMap Project

Project Objective:

Develop a user-friendly, interactive interface to emphasize The New York Times' global journalism.

Skills Used:

Development -- HTML, CSS, Javascript, NYT API, Adobe Illustrator.
Business strategy -- monetization, advertising, deployment.


TimesMap is a new visual interface to explore the Times' global news coverage. By highlighting the incredible number of NYT articles and bureaus across the globe, TimesMap positions the company as a truly international publication.

This prototype answers a real business need to grow international readership and visually emphasize content that may go unnoticed by regular domestic readers.

We took into account current NYT assets and design schemes, and integrated T-Brand Studio's sponsored posts for monetization.

I worked on front-end development, design, and strategic marketing documents. I also presented TimesMap in front of over one hundred NYT employees.

TimesMap is built on HTML, CSS, Javascript, and internal NYT APIs. TimesMap code is under the copyright of The New York Times.