2016 National Student Advertising Competition: Snapple

Project Objective:

Build a dual-strategy advertising campaign to grow brand relevance and purchase frequency in the "Heartland" and "Non-Heartland."

Skills Used:

Research -- Student focus groups, survey writing and synthesis, market overview.
Strategy -- brand positioning, market segmentation, user personas.
Copywriting -- Internal presentations and external deliverables.


Bruin AdTeam built a dual-strategy campaign for 2016's American Advertising Federation's National Student Advertising Competition. The client was Snapple. They tasked us with developing a united campaign that targeted customers in the "Heartland" (New York) and "Non-Heartland," to stregthen brand loyalty and increase purchase frequency.

After thorough research and brainstorming, Strategic Planning presented a single-minded proposition as the guiding principle to the creative executions – "Made For You. Made From Tradition. Made For The Future. Made From The Best Stuff On Earth."

We developed three consumer profiles that mapped onto the three characteristics. "Made For You" appealed to those who focus on the tangible features of Snapple products, rather than brand sentiment. "Made From Tradition" captures Heartland Brand Buyers' sense of nostalgia and sentimentality. "Made For The Future" positions Snapple as a pro-social, forward-thinking brand to build affinity in the Non-Heartland.

With our tagline, Snap into the Moment, we made creative executions tailored to these customer segments.

Our plansbook is below: