Marvel Representation Project

Project Objective:

Analyze diversity in Marvel Comics through an examination of female, LGBTQ, and PoC titular characters throughout history.

Skills Used:

Data Collection -- HTML scraping, data cleaning.
Analysis -- R for organization and analytics.
Visualization -- Chart JS library.


With recent comments made (and retracted) by a Marvel executive blaming their slowing comic book sales on "diversity," my friend Tiffany Taimoorazy and I decided to examine the history of minority characters in Marvel Comics.

We scaped data from Marvel's lineup, and manually assigned tallies of female, LGBTQ, and PoC titular characters for each series. We specifically focused on the main characters for every new series.

After cleaning and analysis, we visualized the proportion of these minority main characters, against the number of total new series published in a given year.

We found that while there is a positive upward trend, representation is still minimal, and Marvel still shows strong biases for more "traditional" superheroes.

We plan to take our analysis further in the future, and would love to join forces with interested collaborators!

Full Medium article is coming soon.