Project Objective:

Analyze a humanities dataset about medieval manuscripts to discover insights on the transition of languages in Europe.

Skills Used:

Data -- Cleaning with Open Refine, identifying trends with R.
Visualization -- Maps on Carto, interactive timeline with Timeline.js.
Project Management -- Leading team objectives, documentation, task management.


This project was for my Digital Humanities class. We were given University of Pennsylvania's Schoenberg Medieval Manuscript database. It contained over 250000 rows of locations, dates, sales, titles, and authors for manuscripts produced before 1600.

With extensive data cleaning and analysis, we illuminated new insights on the evolution of language use in Germany, from Latin to vernacular. Data was processed on Open Refine and R.

We built a map from our geocoded points with Carto. Our interactive timeline of major events and shifts used the Timeline.js library.

The full project is available on